Scholar’s Dissipation: Uses For Your “Useless” Skill

Be honest with me, is this even on your hotbar?

I’m sure many of you seasoned Scholars out there have found uses for this, but I’ll bet even now, far after the launch of Heavensward, there are plenty of Scholars both new and old that find this ability to be just a hotbar filler.  I’m talking about the level 60 Scholar ability, Dissipation, an ability that dismisses your fairy in exchange for full Aetherflow and a healing buff.  The general Scholar community was pretty confused by this addition to the Scholar’s repertoire prior to pre-Heavensward, and I sort of felt the same way – “What reason could you possibly have for wanting to get rid of your fairy friend!?”  In short, the answer is optimization of the class and tactical planning, so full disclosure, this isn’t necessarily relevant for those of you who don’t participate in primals or Savage progression.  Let me go over a couple of different ways to get the most out of your fairy meat.

PSA: It is HIGHLY likely that SE will remove this ability come Stormblood, but since it’s still in the game and I already wrote this…well, away we go!

  1. Emergencies

This one is definitely the most obvious, and everyone’s reaction to the ability being added in the first place was essentially as an “OH SHIT” button.  People are dying, children are crying, sacrifice your fairy for a few more Lustrates and it’s GG easy.  This emergency evacuate button can certainly turn the tides if everything is becoming a goat rodeo at full speed, but I don’t recommend whacking it willy-nilly: if you’re going to use this for emergency healing, make sure it’s necessary.  Remember, you have to wait 30 seconds before you can re-summon a fairy, and if you read the situation wrong, you might end up in an even worse scenario without her!

  1. DPS

Turn your fairy meat into profit with those extra Energy Drains!  If you’re doing content with DPS checks, your overall group DPS is a bit low or you’re just looking to squeak out some extra personal DPS for max E-peen, consider using Dissipation in your rotation.  This can be especially useful during parts of Savage or EX primals where damage is either non-existent or very light, and either one or both healers can stay in Cleric Stance for a decent amount of time.  It can also be useful for battling an enrage timer – if you’re seeing those 1% wipes, it’s a good idea to just go full ham and barbecue your fairy for the sake of a clear.  If you’re doing an opener with Dissipation, it’s best to start with Selene for the speed buff, and then re-summon either Selene or Eos depending on what content you’re doing.  Note that if you’re doing Savage content and you can communicate with your co-healer, it’s important to tell them when you’re going to Dissipate so they aren’t caught off-guard by extra damage.

  1. Planned Fairy Swaps

This is pretty situational as well, but something I would definitely do during both Gordias and Midas progression, and even some EX primals.  Starting with Selene, I would reach a certain part of the fight where my focus would move more towards healing.  I would make sure I was out of Aetherflow before I Dissipate (You should ALWAYS try to line this up as best as you can, even during emergencies!), eat fairy, and continue for the 30 seconds, bouncing in and out of Cleric Stance until the 30 seconds was up, and then summon Eos.  For example, in A2, I would eat Selene shortly before the 4 Jagd Dolls spawned, and I was able to Swiftcast Eos out right on their arrival.  I continued with Eos for the rest of the fight.  Same with A6: Run Selene for Blaster and first part of Brawler, Dissipate for extra DPS, Swiftcast Eos out for ball explosions.  If you know what’s coming next, you can use Dissipation for more control and maximum potential in difficult fights.

  1. PVP

With the new-found love for PVP that players have due to the Garo Event, I figured I’d throw this in here too.  While this can also fall under the “Emergencies” category, it’s likely that you’ll actually use Dissipation quite a bit if you intend on doing PVP.  Specifically in Frontlines, Scholar’s kit is GREAT for burst healing (just stay away from Monks!)  Blasting yourself with Lustrates while running away from enemies is really useful, and then you can feed not only on fairy meat, but the salt of the players trying to get their kill.  It’s also a decent distraction tactic if you’re caught in a group of people while ice is up in Fields of Glory and the enemy team is just trying to farm kills.  You can throw 9 calculated Lustrates on yourself, pop Attunement, and watch a good 5-10 players go ham on you until you finally die.  Sure, dying isn’t great, but you might as well capitalize on their tunnel vision!

  1. She’s Dead, Jim

This applies to both PvP and PvE, but if your fairy has aggro or players are targeting her and a Sustain just won’t do, you might as well go ahead and put her out of her misery for your own personal gain.  Again, remember that in some cases it might be a better idea to actually spot heal your fairy in PvE content, but in those hopeless cases, give yourself another Bane to avenge her!

So while Dissipation is still pretty circumstantial, even for a more hardcore player, it does have plenty of uses and frankly, it fits right in with the Scholar toolkit in terms of tactical planning and creative solutions to healing through fights.  And while Stormblood will probably see the death of this skill due to it’s “uselessness,” this Scholar is gonna make the most out of it while he still can.

*munches Eos leg*



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