Healing Field Guide: Sastasha (NM)

Hi y’all, here’s my quick field guide for Sastasha Normal!

  • If this is your first ever instance as any kind of healer (and likely it is if you’re reading this, click here to check out my video on learning to heal in parties).
  • During the second pull, or the second group of monsters your group engages, there will be a room to the north.  You can run up there and check the note (when it’s safe!) to get a color: red, blue, or green (Red is spelled “Redd, Blue is “Bloo, cuz swarthy).  This will be important later.
  • In the open coral expanse area, it’s great if you have Blizzard II from Thaumaturge cross classed if you’re planning on DPS’ing.
  • The large pieces of coral in the first boss room will be one of the three possible colors from the note.  Any of the party can activate the coral, but let the tank press the second switch.
  • CHOPPER: Very straightforward.  Stay away from the boss.  Esuna any Paralysis, if you have it unlocked.
  • CAPTAIN MADISON (Part 1): The party should focus the two Shallowtail Reavers first.  Captain Madison will eventually run off.  Also straightforward.
  • The next area has a bunch of different smaller rooms.  Follow the tank and try not to wander off.  If you want to explore and get a full clear for EXP or just the experience, ask the group if they’d be willing to go for it.
  • CAPTAIN MADISON (Part 2): Same as before, although now he will summon a pack of Scurvy Dogs from the west – watch your healing here, if you get aggro, run to the tank.  This is another great place to use Blizzard II if you have it to root the enemies in their place while the tank establishes aggro.
  • The next area also has some spread out mobs, stick with the group.
  • DENN THE ORCATOOTHED: There IS an actual strategy to this – but the quickest and most efficient way (and now I believe the universally accepted way) to handle this boss is as follows: Focus the boss down, ignore the “Unnatural Ripples.”  When the adds eventually do spawn, you as the healer will likely get aggro’d by them.  Do NOT run away from the tank, run on top of them. The boss should be quite low, a DPS will either AoE or single target Limit Break, and the fight will be over.

And that’s about it!  Questions/comments/concerns?  Let me know!  Good luck with Sastasha Normal!


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