White Mages: Have Some Chill

It’s no secret that the current raiding meta is SCH/AST when it comes to healers, and the hope for most players (including myself) was that WHM would get a lot of love with Stormblood coming out.  Hopefully some decent and interesting mitigation, along with those traditional power heals sprinkled with some party synergy and utility.

What did they get?  Well, the community is pretty unanimous: WHM still very much looks underpowered next to SCH and AST.

I see tons of WHM mains complaining about how they “broke” the job, many are talking about switching to SCH or AST, and the community is riddled with memes about how much AST specifically will dominate as main healer in Stormblood. While I certainly agree that things still seem rather grim for WHM, I have a message for all you WHM mains out there: HAVE SOME CHILL.  I say this with love, of course, but also, seriously relax please.

I get it.  You’re upset.  I don’t main WHM, but I play it often, and I was saddened and underwhelmed by the changes.  But now that the dust has settled, there are still some reasons to hold out some skeptical hope:

1. The meta of the entire game will change.

The hard truth: all classes, even if it’s just in some small way, will play differently in Stormblood compared to Heavensward – with new abilities, new cross-roles, and old abilities getting removed, everyone is starting the expansion with their main jobs completely up in the air, no matter how awesome they might look now.

2. We have no clue what the fights will be like.

If you’re into EX primals or savage, it is HIGHLY likely that this type of content will be more healing-heavy then anything we’ve experienced in Heavensward, even if it’s just for small portions of the fight.  We need to stop comparing the changes to current content, because current content is about to become irrelevant.  I’ve thought about it more than once that AST might have an even HIGHER skill cap in this department with the new raid, and that if they are healing heavy, AST might be a less stable choice for some groups because WHM will likely have more breathing room for DPS, while AST will have to balance main healing with cards AND DPS.  And while this was usually not a problem for most good players in HW content, one careless cooldown in an SB savage raid could really cost you, making WHM a safer choice.

3. The RNG that everyone hates is already built into the other healers kits.

I will admit, the Lily system as we’ve seen it so far could use a lot of work. But a lot of players don’t like the new RNG of the Lilys, saying that you can’t plan cooldowns if you aren’t sure when they’re going to come off of cooldown.  Just like you can’t plan what card you draw on AST, whether or not you get a Benefic II proc, whether or not you crit an Adlo on SCH, etc.  Sure, it is kind of weird to have a White Mage have a sort of more RNG based kit, but this actually levels it out with the other healers.  Cards for AST and crit Adlos for SCH are basically the two biggest mechanics of those classes, and while you can manipulate them, they are still very much RNG.  In my opinion, it makes WHM more interesting, giving it a level of strategy, planning, and foresight that was mostly reserved for SCH.  And while the Lily system now doesn’t seem to work all that well (why you can’t get procs on all GCD heals is a mystery to me), remember that AST had to go through a LOT of reworks with the card system before anyone even considered it good.  Is that what you wanted to hear?  Probably not, but it’s important to remember that things are consistently improved upon in this game.

4. If you aren’t a mid-core/hard-core raider, who cares?

Unless you’re going for progression in Stormblood’s new raid, these changes will only affect you if you don’t like them – otherwise, WHM will surely be completely fine for leveling and dungeon content, perhaps even more so for dungeons with Cleric+Thin Air+Holy spam.  If you’re hearing everyone say “delete WHM lol” and you’re someone who plays WHM casually but you love it for the love of everything don’t stop playing just because of a hive mind mentality about a job that we literally have only a fraction of an idea as to how it’s going to play.  

5. Everything we’ve seen so far is subject to change (and a lot of it likely will).

I mean really: HAVE SOME CHILL PLEASE.  ALL of the videos and interviews we’ve seen since the media tour are VERY clear that all of this is probably going through tons of changes, likely down to the very last second.  While you’re more than welcome to voice your concerns about WHM – because like I said, I’m also concerned – PLEASE don’t be upset or angry or ragequit the game or swap mains just yet.  There is nothing that we’ve seen that is 100% absolute, and I have faith that even if there are problems upon launch (spoiler alert: there will be with all classes), the dev teams works hard to fix these things as best they can (see AST in Gordias vs AST in Midas vs AST in Creator).

Now breathe: don’t we all feel better?  Even just a little?  I know things seem dark for WHMs right now, but let’s focus on the positives: Stormblood is coming out VERY SOON.  Like freaky soon.  And no matter what, if you love the game as much as I do, this should trump everything else.  We’ll all see how this will pan our for us WHMs, and we’ll do so together!

*pours out Lillies for my WHM homies*

Hey look, I can use Assize again!  NEAT.


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